For The King! (Early Access Review)

For The King an early Access Review. 8/10 Fantastic, difficult, and chaotic. Highly Recommend!


For The King was created by IronOak Games, the game plays and looks a lot like a board game… the best parts of a board game. FTK sets out to create a world full of chaos and lost hope. IronOak Games manages to create this world, but it also manages to create a world in which I can send my adventurers to their death over and over and yet my next adventure will begin with utmost confidence. There is nothing like spending a couple of hours on the gameplay only to find my whole party dying to a room of normal hooligans. Your adventurers aren’t heroes, the game stresses the idea that you are a group of normal people with an overwhelming task. Overwhelming indeed, your world begins to plunge into chaos as your last flicker of hope is put out by the winds of what is to come. Following your lost hope, is the imminent demise of your party, somehow For The King manages to bring you back for another round of “playing hero”. The game’s combat system is very similar to how final fantasy handled combat.(Over the shoulder turn based combat.) The game’s strategy relies heavily on managing percentages since the game has a very large aspect of luck involved. It is very clearly designed this way and for this reason, I don’t feel it detracts from what the game is trying to do. I give this game an 8/10

For The King is a Strategic RPG that blends Board GameJRPG, and Roguelike mechanics into a unique re-playable adventure. Play either solo or co-op campaigns with up to 3 players as you attempt to discover the mystery surrounding the King’s death and bring Order back to the realms – IronOak Games


For the king uses a turn based combat system, this system compliments the style and theme of the game heavily. There is a story mode, you must complete linear quests to proceed in the game. The game has something called Chaos, chaos is a huge factor in the game’s difficulty. depending on the level of chaos it will increase the difficulty of the game, at full chaos (Max chaos is 3.) the world plunges into a storm of evil. Players are damaged every turn until chaos is lowered. There is an online version as well as co-op. Ultimately this game is most enjoyable sitting on the couch with two other friends. It has lots of replayability with randomly generated maps and unlockable items, characters, and events.

Art and style

The art in For The King is fantastic, it is incredibly gorgeous and fills the world with wonder. The world feels welcoming and friendly but you will very quickly realize that everything wants to murder you. You may be getting your party smashed to pieces by a Bisontaur yet it manages to be enjoyable. As a result of the art and design, this chaotic and hopeless world still manages to be fun and enjoyable.

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Dear God this game is difficult. You will die… a lot. However, this isn’t a downfall, it really adds to the game. The game has a very chaotic and hopeless feel, you shouldn’t want to make it through every time. There are multiple difficulty settings, the easiest being difficult yet allows you to make it rather far into the game before your untimely death. As for the most difficult setting? Well, let’s just say I have died within the first few turns. Personally, I believe it really adds to the charm of the game. I absolutely love playing on the most difficult setting as I don’t find it frustrating, it is just a massive challenge.

My Overall Enjoyment

FTK is an incredibly enjoyable game, I spent hours on single player and MANY hours with my friends. The game is by far most enjoyable with two other friends, I would even give this game a 9/10 if playing single player and with two players was as fun as with three. Unfortunately playing with two players is rather clunky and I wouldn’t suggest it, however single player and three players is an absolute blast. I do believe that single player would get old much faster than if you have some friends to play with. I do still recommend this game to you if you intend on playing it by yourself. I can’t wait to see what IronOak Games does with For The King.

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Story time format, my more casual review


This is the second form of review I will be creating on this blog. Great games don’t make save files, great games make stories. I often tell my friends about the stories I have forged while playing a game, in the hopes of recruiting them to it. This review I shall highlight one of the stories that were created as I played a game. Hopefully, this will show you what makes this game so fun and enjoyable.

I asked a few of my friends to play some don’t starve with me, it is a really fun game once you start making it more than a few days. Two of my friends were really new to the game. However, my third friend and I were more experienced. The game ended up lasting 23 days, and I had revived over 20 people. It was a truly chaotic experience. It all began on a warm day in early autumn, I was hopeful about the future this time. I had 3 close friends to help me scavenge for food in this unknown land. I noticed some berry bushes and decided I should pick some for later. One of my friends Maxwell, who knew this land better than my other two friends, had already run off in search of gold. I had only two spiky little hands and couldn’t carry much. I spent most of my morning gathering grass and sticks in the hopes of making myself a backpack. My two friends Weston and Woodie bickered about who deserved the 3 pieces of flint they had found in their travels. The night was coming and Maxwell hadn’t returned yet. I stacked some logs against each other, I managed to create some sparks. The campfire roared to life just as the sun went below the horizon. Maxwell came running and collapsed to the ground by the fire, a single gold nugget landing on the ground.  Gathered in our group of four, illuminated by the camp light, nobody was speaking a word. Our bellies growling like the monsters beyond the safety of our dying light. At least we had a science machine. I shoved my last handful of berries into my mouth as the sun rose. I pulled Maxwell to the side, we needed a reliable way to get food. Days were getting shorter and colder. Maxwell agreed with me, we decided that our best shot was to find some beefalo, we could then use their manure as fertilizer. We spent the next few days on a search for a herd of beefalo. Weston and Woodie stayed at the camp, they scrounged for carrots and other meals. Maxwell and I were relying on them to keep our fire going. We spent multiple days searching for beefalo, all we found was a single sentient pig. We decided it was good enough to call home. We spent the next few days making it feel more like home.Screenshot (8)We had an unusual amount of butterflies around our camp. I didn’t like it but I killed them whenever I had the chance, any food helped. We had a forest growing on the outskirts of our camp. We had no shortage of wood, the food was a different story. There was a massive spider nest on the outskirts of our camp, the spiders would roam into our camp some nights. Every night was unknown, every night had its perils. The lack of food, roaming spiders, even the hounds. We fought tooth and nail to stay alive every day. Weston was the first to fall. The world was taking a toll on his mind, he decided he was going to tear a spear through the massive spider nest. He would end the spiders once and for all. He wore nothing but a pair of rubber gloves as he ran to his death. It didn’t take long for Woodie to join him. Woodie had an insatiable hunger for trees, and one night he became something else. Woodie was no longer the friend I thought I knew, he was some werebeaver. Sadly by the time he had eaten enough logs to return to normal his mind would never be the same. Woodie would wake in the nights claiming that the shadows were coming for him. One night he ran around the camp screaming for help, there was nothing Maxwell and I could do but watch as his mind fell apart. Woodie collapsed to the ground, his body still, and peaceful. We stood in silence, shocked by what we had just seen. We had no food, and now no friends to help us scavenge. Our gaze was broken when we noticed the snow that was falling onto Woodie’s corpse. We had no food, and we had no warm clothing. Winter had arrived, and we were unprepared. The next few days passed with little conversation, the spark and drive to survive had passed. Our hope was gone, much like our food. We decided to go out with one final act, many may have seen it as insanity. Maxwell saw it as a way to choose how he died. He didn’t want to die like the others, he wanted to control his mind until the end. He laid down in the center of the camp, warmth all around him. Screenshot (16)Don’t starve together is an incredibly fun game with a group of friends. Our experience together was total chaos. We created a dark story of death and defeat. However, this really fits what it feels like to play don’t starve. Playing the game itself was much more comedic and enjoyable than the story makes it seem.

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Gigantic Game Review

6/10 Feels like a team death-match rather than a strategical combat game.


Screenshot (6)

Gigantic is an absolutely stunning and stylized third person MOBA game, you and four other teammates are pitted against another team of five heroes.Your team’s goal is to complete objectives and get kills, doing so will power up your guardian. Once your guardian has reached full power it will set out and pin down the opposing team’s guardian, at this point your team must do a full out assault to try and wound the opposing guardian. Where Gigantic strives to stand apart from other MOBAs is with the use of summonable creatures. (As seen in the photo above.) From Gigantic’s own website, “Gigantic is not 5v5, it’s really 6v6” this is a bold statement for a 5v5 hero shooter since it implies that your guardian can be as helpful to you as a teammate. I believe Gigantic has many fun and interesting mechanics but over all is lacking in lots of interesting decision making throughout the game. Gigantic relies heavily on summonable creatures to provide some sort of safe ground for the players. Frankly, the summonable creatures fail to do this well. Team oriented gameplay is one of the large factors in the game Gigantic. Unfortunately, the voice chat mechanic that exists pushes players away from communicating with each other. Having your mic either enabled or disabled is a huge issue, there is no push to talk in this game as of yet. More often than not this will cause players to disable their microphone destroying most team based strategy. Gigantic deserves a 6/10 its lackluster strategy and team cooperation has a very negative impact on the game.


Mechanics – There are many interesting mechanics I haven’t seen in any other game, the ability to summon creatures which act as a base or rally point is very intriguing. Stamina is a bar which gets depleted during combat, it creates a situation in which you must either immediately decide you won’t win or you must relentlessly attack until you are the victor. Earlier in this review, I mentioned that the website claims the guardians are as useful as a teammate. Yet at many times in my games, I have seen low health heroes being dived under the guardian by a singular enemy hero as the guardian sits and watches.

Art – The art for this game is absolutely incredible, it isn’t overly gorgeous and realistic but it doesn’t have to be. The art design team is incredible, they have created such stylized visuals in a way that makes you want to play the game. Flying from your airship is really enjoyable due to the art. Screenshot (5)

Community – I can’t speak for the community outside of the game. Inside the game, a sense of community is completely lacking. The root cause of this issue is how microphones are handled in this game. Your microphone is either always on, or always off. Most multiplayer games use a push to talk system, this is because being able to communicate encourages teamwork, removing privacy creates a more enclosed and guarded environment.

Style – The art style is incredible, all of the art in this game is very united. the feel of the heroes and the mechanics in the game feel like they could fit into the world you are presented with.

Over all enjoyment of the game – The game is a very fast paced Hero Shooter, sadly I feel much of the strategy is lost because getting a kill is extremely rewarding. This causes much of the game to feel much more like a team deathmatch game mode rather than a game where summoning awesome creatures has an impact on who wins and loses.

“Gigantic is a fast and fluid Strategic Hero Shooter, where you battle against and alongside massive Guardians, in deeply strategic team gameplay.” – Gigantic website

Screenshot (4)

These creatures have lots of potential to become something incredibly fun, but at this moment in time, they feel like flags on the map saying fight for more kills here. Fighting in this game can be fun; however, you will rarely make a great escape due to the stamina system. Instead, you must rely on teammates who have no interest in communicating to come save your life. All in all, I believe this game to have lots of potential and maybe with a line up of five friends it could be fun in its current state.

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